Weekly Parent Letter


Fifth Grade

March 31,  2020

Dear Families,

I sure do miss you guys, but at least the weather has been cooperating these last few days.  I hope everyone is able to get outside and soak up some sun!  

Today, the elementary school teachers had a Zoom meeting with Mrs. Meyer to discuss how the next few weeks are going to go.  We will be sending out instructional packets again. These will be available online or for pickup from the elementary school on April 7 from 8:00-6:00.  Parents can send someone to pick up for their families if they are unable to make it themselves. Also, please drop off the activity logs for weeks 1 and 2 or email me a picture of the logs.  If you plan on printing the packets from home, please shoot me an email by Thursday, April 2, so that a tree might be saved...😊!  

The instructional packets will be grouped by weeks (April 6-10, April 13-16, and April 21-24).  Within each packet will be an instructional grid with the review activities for the day. Once an activity is completed, please initial and date on the line provided.  Please take a picture of these grids at the end of each week and send it to me. Also, if your child is having difficulty with an activity, please email or call me. I can be reached at the following number:  314-527-3422. The number is a Google Voice account and can also receive texts and pictures (instructional grid or if your child has a question about a particular problem).  

I will also be calling once a week (using the above number) to check in with your child.  If possible I would love to say “hi” to your child and make sure they understand the review activities.  

Even though things have been different, I hope you all are making the most of your time together.  I’m keeping you all close to my heart and hoping that everyone stays safe and healthy. 

💗 Tiffany Williams     twilliams@newhavenschools.us