Financial Aid Night

On September 18, 2019 at 6:00 in the band room there will be a representative from St. Louis University here to give a presentation on financial aid for college.  If you have never had a child attend college or just need a refresher and want to know about any changes to the process this is a very informational presentation to attend.

*Here are a few links to articles that may be of interest to students and parents.

More support for Math and Science classes Educators and administrators, as well as business and community leaders in the St. Louis area, are sending high school students a message. Don't slack off on your math and science classes. You'll only make it more difficult for yourself down the road. To see the entire article, click on the following link: Take the Tough Courses Now.

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Varsity Tutors
Want to take practice ACT test in 4 subjects? Want to brush up on a subject you are currently struggling in? Then go to for thousands of written problems and ACT practice tests.
Juniors, Seniors and Parents!!!!

Most colleges have merit scholarship deadlines. This means that if you apply to your school of choice by their deadline date and you have an ACT score on file, you are automatically considered for their merit scholarships as long as you meet the requirements for their scholarships. Those requirements usually include an ACT score. Most schools guaranteed deadlines range from November 15th to January 15th. Be sure to find out the deadline dates for your school of choice.