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5th Grade - T. Williams: March 24, 2017

We work together to be kind, hard working, and responsible.  And in the middle of it all...have fun!

Field Trip

  • All field trip items must be returned to me by April 10 (permission slip and $7.50) in order for your child to go on the field trip.

MAP Testing

MAP testing is approaching soon.  Below is the schedule for fifth grade MAP testing.  Please try to schedule appointments around these times so that your child can be present.  Thank you!




April 25:  Session 1


May 1:  Sessions 1 and 2


May 3:  Session 1


April 26:  Sessions 2 and 3


May 2:  Session 3


May 4:  sessions 2 and 3


April 27:  Session 4


AR:  Accelerated Reader

Your child will track their AR progress in their Leadership Binder each week.  Please look over your child’s AR progress and initial the AR Tracking Sheet.  Their test accuracy should be an 85% or higher, and your child should be at 26% of their AR goal.  Remember, you can view your child’s AR progress and bookshelf online at

  • Our class made the 25% AR goal!  We will eat lunch in the turtle garden on Monday (if weather permits).  Students may also bring a drink from home.  


  • Congratulations to the following students for being our class representatives in the school spelling bee:  Annika David, Haleigh Nieman, and Emily Chappius- alternate.

A Look at Next Week

Communication Arts


There will be a reading skills test on Monday.

“Lost and Found”:  theme; descriptive writing


Writing with dialogue



List 16 (fifth grade sight words, academic vocabulary, and words with double letter before adding “ed”)

All assignments that are assigned on SpellingCity ( will be due the day of the scheduled tests. List 16 spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Monday.

List 17 (fifth grade sight words, academic vocabulary, and words with double letter before adding “ing”)


Quoting accurately from a text


(Chapter 9): sun’s brightness and shadows

Social Studies

(Chapter 12- The Young United States):  settlement of lang beyond the Appalachian Mountains; effects of settlements on Native Americans

Students will be introduced to the capitals of the states in the West region.  There will be a quiz over these capitals on April 7.


(Chapter 9- Algebra:  Patterns and Graphing):  review of chapter 9

There will be a test over chapter 9 on Wednesday.

(Chapter 10- Convert Units of Measure):  customary length and customary capacity


  • Monday:  List 16 spelling and vocabulary tests and reading test

  • Wednesday:  Math test

  • April 7:  Quiz over the capitals of the states in the West region


  • March 27:  NHES Spelling Bee

  • March 28:  Fluoride Varnish

  • March 30:  Spring Picture Day

  • April 5th - All School Photo (wear class shirt) and PTO BBQ sale at Save-a-Lot

  • April 11:  Family Day 8:30-10:30

    • RSVPs are coming in for Family Day!  If you haven't yet, please get those yellow sheets turned in as soon as you can.  Please keep in mind that due to the format of the day, each guest can spend the day with one student.  For example if you and another family member want to be with your 2nd and 4th grader, one of you will have to be in 4th and the other in 2nd.  If you don't have another person to be with your other child, no worries!!  We have plenty of volunteers to be paired of with students.  If you have already sent in your yellow sheet, please think about another friend or relative who could come and let the office know which guest to place with which student. Also, please keep in  mind that this is a special day for school-age children.  If you have younger children not in school we ask that they stay home so that this is a special day for your older children.

  • April 28:  Field trip for fifth grade (St. Louis Science Center)

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