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5th Grade - T. Williams: September 22, 2017

Class Mission Statement:

Our class will shine like bright yellow daisies because we will:  have a kind heart, work as a team, keep an open mind, and have a sense of humor.

AR:  Accelerated Reader

Your child will track their AR progress in their Leadership Binder each week.  Please look over your child’s AR progress and initial the AR Tracking Sheet.  Their test accuracy should be an 85% or higher, and your child should be at 63.08% of their AR goal.  Remember, you can view your child’s AR progress and bookshelf online at

A Look at Next Week

Communication Arts


Little Red Riding Hood:  plot map     

Each Kindness:  visualization,  journal response


Singular and plural possessive nouns; review of nouns

There will be a test over nouns on Friday.


List 3 (words with -ou, -aw, -au, -ow sounds)   

All assignments that are assigned on SpellingCity ( will be due the day of the scheduled tests.  The spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Monday.

List 4 (prefixes:  -re, -pre, and -de)


personal narrative (proofreading)


(Chapter 12:  Properties and Structure of Matter):  states of matter and their properties

Social Studies

(Ms. Warden)

Daily Geography 6 is due Sept. 26.

President J. Q. Adams packet is due Sept. 29.

Native American project is due Friday, Sept. 29.


(Chapter 2:  Divide Whole Numbers):  division with 2 digit divisors; partial quotients; estimating 2 digit divisors

There will be a mid-chapter checkpoint quiz on Wednesday.

There will be a basic facts (subtraction #2) quiz Friday.     


  • Monday:  list 3 spelling and vocabulary tests

  • Wednesday:  math quiz (chapter 2 mid-chapter checkpoint)

  • Friday:  basic facts quiz and grammar test (nouns)


  • September 28:  D.A.R.E. begins for fifth grade

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