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A. Warden


 Spelling  Words

1. jogging

2. dripping

3. raking

4. amusing

5. easing

6. regretted

7. forbidding

8. referred

9. injured

10. deserved

11. applied

12. relied

13. renewing

14. complicated

15. qualified

16. threatening

17. gnarled

18. skimmed

19. envied

20. fascinated













  Week of 
November 6-11


Chapter 4: multiplying decimal numbers

Please encourage your students to review their math facts. There are many online games that can make reviewing facts fun. has a variety of games that students can use to review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Our focus for the next three weeks will be on identifying characters, plot, and setting. 


Week 12 is the packet of the week.


Students have received their new AR goals. Please check leadership binder for your student's progress. Students should be around the 25% mark at this time.

Spelling test will be on Wednesday, November 8.


Chapter 13:  Forms of Matter and Energy: use properties to separate mixtures; physical and chemical changes

Social Studies

Chapter 4: Explorers and Conquerors: Test on Thursday over chapters 3 & 4. Students have a study guide to help them prepare.

President Taylor packet is due Friday, November 11. 

Daily Geography Week 12 is due Tuesday, November 7.


Reminders & Updates

 The Blues Hockey team is challenging students to read and our class said they were up to the challenge. Students have received a form to keep track of their reading each night. They are being challenged to read 5 nights a week for at least 20 minutes. This is a class challenge. Students will be rewarded as a group as well as individual effort. 

New Haven Elementary is hosting a special Veterans' Day Assembly, Friday, November 10th. Students are asked to dress nicely and wear their red, white, and blue in honor of our veterans.

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