About the New Haven School District

Questions and Answers  

Q: What grades does the New Haven School District serve?

A:   The New Haven School is a public school serving students in grades K-12. 

Q:   How many buildings/campuses are in the school district?

A:   New Haven Elementary serves grades K-6 and is located at 205 Elton St., New Haven, MO.  New Haven HS/MS serves grades 7-12, and is located at 100 park Drive, New Haven, MO.

Q:   Is the New Haven School District a "good" school?

A:   The New Haven School District has been fully accredited by the state of Missouri, and has been awarded the "Distinction in Performance" award each of the last six years.  In addition, the district has an experienced staff (over 15 years experience, on average), small class sizes, and a low incidence of discipline referrals.  

Q: New Haven High School is an "A+ High School."  What does that mean?

A:   It means that graduates of New Haven High School can attend two years of community college or state technical  school, tuition-paid, by meeting a few requirements:  Attend NHHS at least three years, have a 95% attendance rate, maintain a "C" average or better, exhibit good citizenship, and complete 50 hours of unpaid tutoring. 

Q:   How do I get more information or enroll my child in the New Haven School District?

A:   Call New Haven Elementary School at (573) 237-2141, New Haven HS/MS at (573) 237-2629, or the New Haven School District Central Office at (573) 237-3231.  We will be glad to assist you.